Songs for Film/TV

Peter has established himself as a go-to composer and one-stop production studio for television music, both in commercials and episodic shows.  He excels at the “sound-alike” process.  Often, producers and advertising Creatives want a certain popular song but the price tag far exceeds their budget.  When given the “sound alike” source and the scenario of the show or commercial,  Peter can create something in the same vein (in any style and instrumentation) through his Pianosmitty Music production studio, something that is evocative of the source yet is completely original.  While others may find this process limiting, Peter finds the specificity invigorating and creative, and he has ready access to the greatest musicians and vocalists in Los Angeles to help fulfill any style of music.

  Listen to "Little Bit"

For the Burrell Advertising Agency, Peter delivered a song for a Honey Nut Cheerios spot.  They wanted Erykah Badu’s song “Honey,” but it was beyond their budget.  Peter composed and produced his sound-alike, which was selected by the agency for use, but then the entire commercial was, unfortunately, abandoned.

 Listen to "Brace Yourself"

Also for the Burrell agency, Peter delivered a sound-alike to John Legend’s “Green Light” for a Toyota commercial.  The scenario involved several young hipsters of mixed ethnicities grooving in the backseat of a car.  Peter created his original to fit the concept.  

Peter recently scored a commercial for Mecom Properties in Houston.  The  advertising agency— Lewis and Partners— wanted a “sound-alike” to the rolling piano music they had as a placeholder.  Peter delivered exactly what they wanted but with his own original stamp.

TV Placements of Original Music

Blues for LeDonne” appeared on HOW TO LIVE WITH YOUR PARENTS FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE on ABC (ep. #107).

All My Days” appeared on CSI on CBS (ep. #1404).

Pianosmitty Music can fulfill your “sound-alike” needs with high-quality, tailor-made and specific original music that fits your budget.