Quotes: Molly Ringwald Project

"The arrangements, created by her talented pianist Peter Smith, were restrained and elegant…"

- Lydia Jenken, New Zealand herald, June 15, 2013

"I quickly realized why she was so locked into Smith -- he's a phenomenal player and innovative creator. On the swinging "I'll Take Romance" (Oakland and Hammerstein), Smith showed virtuosic precision and inspiring creativity on his lengthy solo, even throwing in an "If I Only Had A Brain" quote at one point."

- Matt Fernandes, KDHX St. Louis 

"Performing with an expert jazz trio led by pianist/musical director Peter Smith…"

- Frank Scheck, Hollywood Reporter

"Behind these songs were some very clever arrangements and with charts written specifically for the album and tour.  These are the work of the respected LA pianist/arranger Peter Smith.   Peter has worked with Molly for some time and so he understood exactly what is required.   He is a talented pianist with great chops but he followed the most basic rule of all.  An accompanist must never get in the way of the singer.  It is matter of utilising just the right voicings and the chord placement must accent the singer’s performance not dominate it.  Whether comping or taking a brief solo Peter was always tasteful.   Not every accompanying pianist knows how to perform their duties so skilfully.  The next night I invited Peter to a newly opened Jazz venue and he sat in with local musicians.   In this situation he was able to let loose and he did, keyboards not withstanding."

John Fenton, Jazzlocal32.com (New Zealand)

"Ably and brilliantly supported by a four piece jazz combo, Piano, Bass, Drums and Saxophone, mention must be made of her friend, confident, fellow actor, arranger and musical director (Pianist) Peter Smith whose arrangements made this a class act…"

- thebarefootreview.com (Adelaide, AUS)

"Plus, we couldn’t have hoped for better accompaniment: Peter Smith (who co-produced the album with Ringwald) on piano, Trevor Ware on bass and the always-amazing Clayton Cameron on drums."

- Jim Harrington, Jazz Times

"The instrumentation on Except Sometimes is consistently solid, but pianist Peter Smith in particular deserves a tip of the cap for his accompaniment on track five, "The Very Thought of You" (originally written and performed by Ray Noble). A clear high point for the album, Smith's gentle, flowing rhythms perform dutifully in highlighting Ringwald's somber serenade. " 

-Robby Ritacco, TheaterMania.com